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Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Recycle Treatment
Water treatment is any process that makes
water more acceptable for a specific end-
use. The end use may be drinking, industrial
water supply, irrigation, river flow
maintenance, water recreation or many
other uses, including being safely returned
to the environment. Water treatment
removes contaminants and undesirable
components, or reduces their concentration
so that the water becomes fit for its desired
Waste water, is any water that has been
adversely affected in quality by
anthropogenic influence. Wastewaters
generated in areas without access to
centralized sewer systems rely on on-site
wastewater systems. These typically
comprise a septic tank, drain field, and
optionally an on-site treatment unit.
Reclaimed or recycled water  is the process
of converting wastewater into water that can
be reused for other purposes. Reuse may
include irrigation of gardens and agricultural
fields or replenishing surface water and
groundwater (i.e., groundwater recharge).
Reused water may also be directed toward
fulfilling certain needs in residences (e.g.
toilet flushing), businesses, and industry, and
could even be treated to reach drinking
water standards. 
About Us
Nakagawa Chemical Equipment Philippines Corporation Since it was
established in 1996, Nakagawa Chemical Equipment Philippines Corp.
continuous to offer design, installation, and maintenance services at
various industrial wastewater treatment facilities and pure water
We offer different types of Treatment Services for Water,
Waste Water and Recycle. Also we cater installation and
maintenance of Scrubbers Facilities

It is our company's goal to provide the  
customers' exact needs on a precise manner  
using the most cost efficient application and  
materials and to deliver the services on time  
and in exact condition.

We will continously strive to learn from our  
skills and workmanship, always work as a TEAM  
and deligently pursue good working habits to be  
able to make our customers happy.

Realization of our vision are founded on the following principles, Tireless effort in each and every work we do. Continuous Enhancement of internal quality standards. Committed to right Attitude and workmanship. Providing good Motivation and skills to all employees and officers. We contribute to the environmental presevation and human achievement of the Philippines.

To be the leader in the industry that provides the best air and water treatments using the most cost efficient method for it's customers.
Why Choose Us?

Few can match our commitment to safety and professional experience. We offer the broadest line of cleaning services, with specialized equipment, technology and personnel.

We discuss your needs, get the details and plans of the area to be treated and the frequency of services you require. We then provide you with the service specifications that meet your criteria and budget.

Every member of our team is made aware of your detailed needs and the high standards they must maintain to ensure your satisfaction

The company image is also very important to us and all our employees wear company clothing, which includes company name. We aim to project a clean efficient image at all times.
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